A Maine ATV and Snowmobile club for Topsham and the surrounding towns. We have trails on both sides of town. One set starts out at J&S Oil on Route 196 and goes out through to Lisbon Falls.  The other set starts out at Mt. Ararat High School off Rt 201 and goes through some great areas , passes over Middlesex Road about a mile up from Rusty's Store, down around the pond near the local redemption site and some go up into Bowdoin/Bowdoinham. In the winter you can even go so far as Brunswick and West Bath.

Come join us out on the trails...

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All ATV trails are operated on privately owned land, individuals damaging or abusing their property will result in the loss of all ATV trails for everyone.
Operating an ATV in wetlands, marshes, rivers, and streams is illegal in Maine.

Trail Update from Trailmaster Charlie Parkinson

Trail #1,1B,1C, and 3 are CLOSED until further notice due to water erosion and bridge damage.
Trail #4 on east side of town remains open..
The registration number in the form of stickers issued by the commissioner must be clearly displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. A registration is valid for one year commencing July 1st of each year, except that any registration issued prior to July 1st but after May 1st is valid from the date of issuance until June 30th of the following year. A person may not operate an ATV that is required to be registered under this section unless registration numbers are displayed in these spaces or as otherwise required by the department.

Permission required. A person may not operate an ATV on the land of another without the permission of the landowner or lessee. Permission is presumed on designated state approved ATV trails or in areas open to ATVs by landowner policy. A landowner may limit the use of a designated state-approved ATV trail on that landowner's property through agreements with the State or an ATV club to address environmental, public safety or management concerns. Written permission of the landowner or lessee is required on cropland or pastureland or in an orchard. As used in this subsection, “cropland” means acreage in tillage rotation, land being cropped and land in bush fruits, and “pastureland” means acreage devoted to the production of forage plants used for animal production.

Topsham Trailriders Club
Box 421
Topsham, ME 04086

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Sept 13  -- Cambridge Corn Field ATV Ride – Cambridge

Sept 27 --  Western ATV Club Toy Ride

Oct 4th – Fall Foliage Ride Beef Roast and Wind Towers – Roxbury Club

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Topsham Trailriders Club
Box 421
Topsham, ME 04086

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   Trail #1,1B,1C, and 3 are CLOSED until further notice due to water erosion and bridge damage.  Trail #4 on east side of town remains open **Aug 15th update                      
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