A Maine ATV and Snowmobile club for Topsham and the surrounding towns. We have trails on both sides of town. One set starts out at J&S Oil on Route 196. The other set starts out at Mt. Ararat High School off Rt 201 and goes through some great areas, passes over Middlesex Road about a mile up from Rusty's Store, down around the pond near the local redemption site and some go up into Bowdoin/Bowdoinham. In the winter you can even go so far as Brunswick and West Bath. 
Come join us out on the trails...

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for previous  issues please email us here and we'll send you the PDFs through email.

 All ATV trails are operated on privately owned land, individuals damaging or abusing their property will result in the loss of all ATV trails for everyone.
 Operating an ATV in wetlands, marshes, rivers, and streams is illegal in Maine. 

Trail Update from Trailmaster Charlie Parkinson
Hunting season is in full swing so remember to stay alert and wear orange when in the woods. Well fall is also in full swing and is fading fast with temperatures some nights in the 20’s. ATV season is fast coming to a close, and the trails will be closing to ATV’s and snow-mobile season will begin after the first large snow fall. The trails will be closed to all ATV's with the exception of tracked ATV’s registered as snowmobiles for snowmobile season. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season. We will be looking for people to help with trail setup and grooming this snowmobile season. The trails are very wet and soft so exercise caution while riding. The weather has turned cold and the snow is coming so get your riding in now before Mother Nature blankets us in white and it’s SNOWMOBILE season again.  

The clubs fall foliage ride is this month, and there are still other rides taking place this month around the state. 

The parking area across from the HS bus garage is still open for use during construction. If this parking area gets closed any time during construction please use the parking area directly across the street to park.
Please stay on established trails; if not we could lose the use of the trails all together. Please use Marked Bridges to cross WET, STREAM or Marsh areas on the trails. Failure to do so will result in sections of the trail being CLOSED permanently by landowners. 

Access to and from Lisbon falls on trail #1C is not possible anymore due to a closed gate on the Ward Rd.

Please stay off the trails during and just after heavy rains. This cuts down on the damage that has cost our club a lot of time and money to keep the Land Owners happy. Please ride safe out there on or off our trails, fun is to be had without getting hurt. Enjoy the ride this summer and always respect the land to which you ride on and the land owners which allow us to ride.​

Permission required. A person may not operate an ATV on the land of another without the permission of the landowner or lessee. Permission is presumed on designated state approved ATV trails or in areas open to ATVs by landowner policy. A landowner may limit the use of a designated state-approved ATV trail on that landowner's property through agreements with the State or an ATV club to address environmental, public safety or management concerns. Written permission of the landowner or lessee is required on cropland or pastureland or in an orchard. As used in this subsection, “cropland” means acreage in tillage rotation, land being cropped and land in bush fruits, and “pastureland” means acreage devoted to the production of forage plants used for animal production.

The Speed limit is 5 MPH on the Trail behind J&S, this is to help the trail stabilize due to soft soil.
The Speed limit is 15 MPH in the power line behind the tattoo shop on rte. 196, if this speed limit is not followed the trail will be closed permanently. 
The Speed limit in residential areas like Bay Park and Topsham Crossing is 15MPH to help keep dust and noise to a minimum. 
All ATV trails are operated on privately owned land, individuals damaging or abusing their property will result in the loss of all ATV trails for everyone. 
RESPECT LANDOWNER’S - STAY ON MARKED TRAILS AND ONLY MARKED TRAILS AND OBEY ALL POSTED SIGNS. USE IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. RIDE AT OWN RISK. While riding please wear proper protective equipment and keep speeds at a safe level. Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Sober. .Again, if you’re out on the trail please bring a pair of clippers or even a small saw to help cut back the new growth from the trail. Every snip helps.

Topsham Trailriders Club
Box 421
Topsham, ME 04086

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Topsham Trailriders


Our Club this past year had several incidents of On-Off Road M/Cs causing problems with several of our landowners. One of those land owners has chosen to close his land to everyone including, Atv, M/C, Bikes, and walkers.  This is mostly Because of no respect of the M/C users just abusing the property and landowner. We have other areas in our town that are also receiving complains about the lack of respect from them. We’ve decided after much thought to close our trails to M/Cs use  due to these complaints and also that many of our trails are on property owned by Power Companies that have a policy that there will be no M/C on their land. The notice attached sadly is now the rule. Please if you’re on Ours or another club trail system respect all land owners! We will now use signs/cameras to enforce  this new rule. We also have had created  Land Owner contact magnets so they will have someone to contact when problems happen immediately.

Please Respect your Land Owners if you don’t we will not have a place to ride!

Dan Parlin, TTR President

Topsham Trailriders Club
Box 421
Topsham, ME 04086

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Sept 23 - Feed Your Neighbors Ride

Oct 13 -Halloween Night Ride in Turner - see newsletter

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Nov 10th - Fall Bean Supper 4-6pm

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